The redirect section of the configuration file allows you to specify rules to redirect unwanted traffic to a different URL.

When a rule matches the request, the request will be redirected to the specified URL with the specified HTTP status code without reaching the legitimate site.

Hostname, Path, and Query are used to match the request, while RedirectTo and HTTPCode are used to specify the redirection.



The hostname field specifies the hostname to match against the request.


The path field specifies the path to match against the request.


The query field specifies the query string to match against the request. The query string is the part of the URL that comes after the ? character, and it contains a list of key-value pairs separated by & characters.

Redirect to

The redirectTo field specifies the URL to redirect the request to. If the request matches the specified values, it will be redirected to the specified URL.

HTTP Status Code

The httpStatusCode field specifies the HTTP status code to use for the redirection. If not specified, it defaults to 301 Moved Permanently.


        hostname = ""
        path = "/login"
        query = "id=123"
        redirectTo = "https://poor.victim/login"
        httpStatusCode = 301
        hostname = ""
        path = "/admin"
        redirectTo = "https://poor.victim/admin"
        httpStatusCode = 301
        hostname = "analytics.local"
        redirectTo = "https://poor.victim"
        httpStatusCode = 301